Passengers on board a metro train that was stopped at De La Concorde station were caught off guard yesterday when they witnessed the STM's "newest attraction". 

The Underground Waterslide!

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When we asked the STM why they thought it was good idea to have an underground waterside built so close to electrified metro tracks, they told us that since the Pitoune closed at La Ronde, they wanted offer Montrealers more water-based activities. 

The water slide isn't just for fun either, it's also really practical. It can be used as a toilet, as a bath for rats, and as a special bonus, when people drop their phones on the track, it won't interrupt service since there would be no way to recover them. 

 Best of all, entrance is free when you show them your opus card. 

***In case you still don't realize it, this is a joke a bad joke. The metro simply flooded because of the rain on Sunday***

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