The mayor of Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough has made a pretty interesting proposal yesterday, and frankly Montreal would be crazy not to consider it. 

There is currently a gigantic pit being dug 10 floors below ground in Saint-Laurent in order to create a new metro parking garage. 

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And while they have been building this thing, they've inadvertently dug a tunnel halfway between the Cote-Vertu metro and the proposed Bois-Franc extension.   

As if that wasn't enough, the equipment required to dig the rest of the tunnel has already been imported from Germany and it's already on site ready to dig.

 All we would need to do is dig a little bit further. 

If we did this right now, it would actually save Montreal a fortune compared to what it would costs if we tried to extend the Orange Line in the future. Plus this would end up connecting the metro and the train which would monumentally improve the lives of commuters. 

Considering Saint-Laurent is the fastest growing borough in Montreal, this plan just makes sense. 

In the past Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s Projet Montréal has even show support for the idea so as crazy as it may seem, this plan could actually work!


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