Few services are quite as essential as public transit, and we should be thanking our lucky stars each and every day that Montreal has the STM to fulfill that function.

Yes, the Société de transport de Montréal has its fair share of minor issues (particularly on the bus network) but that doesn't mean it isn't an incredibly efficient and reliable public transportation company.

And we're not the only folks to think so. Corporate Knights, a media and financial information research magazine founded upon the precept of "clean capitalism," has just ranked the STM the second best transportation company in Canada in their annual "Future 40" report.

Overall, in the 2016 Future 40 analysis, a report that delves into the Canadian economy in order to highlight forty mid-sized companies that "stack up the best when it comes to sustainability performance" the STM places seventh. 12 key performance indicators were used to asses each company (safety, employee turnover, energy sustainability, etc.) which then totalled every enterprises respective score.

Totalling in with an overall score of 56%, the STM took the 7th spot in the entire 2016 Future 40 list, while also being the the second highest transportation company on the list. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) beat out the STM for the top spot, ranking second overall with a score of 67%.

Looking at each individual KPI/category, the STM didn't perform too well in the energy or water sustainability departments, which lowered their overall score. When it came to diversity in the workforce and management, however, the STM received scores higher than any of the top ten companies, giving the company's recent announcement on its own diversity some real merit.

To read up more on Corporate Knights' 2016 Future 40 report, head to the official ranking webpage here.

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