It seems like Montreal's Trudeau Airport got itself a makeover just in time for the International Jazz Festival. 

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The airport has done similar makeovers before, last year transforming the sign into a Habs theme to show pride for the Montreal Canadiens during the playoff season. Most of the year the sign is pretty generic, but special events call for some celebration and the Montreal Trudeau airport is definitely not one to back down. 

In previous years, the airport has also paid tribute to Leonard Cohen, installing a large fedora atop the 'O' in Montreal during the exhibition that celebrated both his life and work.

@mtltrudeauembedded via  

The official Instagram account posted the photo of the new design with the capition "When the Jazz Fest lands in Mtl" showing their pride and festive-ness as the musical event begins today. 

It's exciting to anticipate what the airport has in mind for future events. If they continue to change up the sign during city events, they may just become an iconic Montreal landmark.

The added creativity and city pride adds to the long list of reasons why Montreal is the best city to live in.

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