So Dennis Coderre is the new mayor of Montreal, for better or worse. Not exactly bursting with joy over the news, the youth of Montreal have begun to poke fun at the city's newly elected official, by '#Coderring.'

The creepy winky face began when La Presse published this image of Coderre casting his own vote during yesterday's election.

What followed was a twitter-storm of hilarious selfies imitiating Coderre's creepy-cuz-it-looks-like-he's-hitting-on-your-grandma facial expression. Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? Well, I don't think that's what these folks are going for.

Check out the top #Coderring below.

But, as some Montrealers have pointed out, Coderre didn't even create the look! Seems Coderre stole it off of some like-minded politicians from our southern neighbors.

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