Seriously, what the hell is up with all the hate in Quebec lately? 

In January there was the terrorist attack in a Quebec mosque, and barely a month later there's been a bomb threat directed specifically at Muslim students. The letter mentioned that since Trump is now president, things have changed.

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So are we just a bunch of racist assholes in Quebec? Actually we might just be. 

According to our neighbors in the US, we are quite possibly the most racist province in all of Canada. And that opinion came even before yesterdays' bomb threat. 

As one Washington Post writer puts it: 

"A disproportionate share of the country’s massacres occur in the province of Quebec." - Source

In 2009 there was a Maclean's survey that asked Canadians how they viewed Islam 45% of the people who answered believed Islam encourages violence, and in Quebec, only 17% of the people who answered said they had a favorable view of Muslims. 

In 2007, when CBC asked Quebecers whether or not they identify as racist, 59% of Quebecers identified themselves as racist, and those are juts the ones that weren't in denial. The rest of Canada's average was 47%, so it's pretty clear that Quebec is way more racist than the other provinces in Canada. 

And if you think that survey is outdated, the CBC also recently conducted an analysis of Canada's online behavior, they discovered that the use of racist sexist and intolerant language online has jumped up by 600%, so if anything things are getting worse, not better. 

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