In general, snow is a huge pain for people in Quebec. I can say that with full confidence without feeling like I'm overstating. No one enjoys having to get up an extra 20 minutes early on Monday to shovel their car out of a monster snowbank. Great cardio workout — yes. But a fun and enjoyable way to start the week — most definitely, not.

That said, there is one particular time of year when snow is not only acceptable, but welcomed with open arms — that's Christmas, of course. Nothing quite like waking up to a beautiful blanket of white pristine and sparkling flakes on Christmas morning. 

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TL;DR According to The Weather Network's reliable 7-day forecast, Montreal is expecting above-average tempratures for most of the coming week, with little to no snow forecast as well. As a result, Montreal will not be having a white Christmas this year.

Well, Montreal, I'm here to announce some very sad news: looks like Montreal and most of southern Quebec will NOT be having a white Christmas this year. It's going to feel more like March than December. You know, still really cold, but minus all the magical white snow.

After the very enjoyable and mild weather we experienced over the weekend, much of the snow that was on the ground already melted. And it looks like the warm front will be hanging around for the next couple of days

According to The Weather Network's reliable 7-day forecast, Montreal is going to even experience rain and plus 5 degree highs this week.

Via theweathernetwork

Overall, it looks like little to no snow is expected before December 24th. And if any snow falls, it's likely to melt quickly due to warmer tempratures.

Via theweathernetwork

So very sorry, Montreal! Looks like this winter the city will be grey as ever. Despite this, I still hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.


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