Yesterday morning, servers spread across the McGill University Health Centre computer system sent the hospitals into a frenzy. 

All their computers went down and the hospitals were advising people to stay away from their emergency rooms unless absolutely needed. 

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The tech-related loss at the MUHC locations around Montreal was a real problem and lasted for the most of the day. 

Just imagine being at a hospital for an actual emergency and suddenly, the place goes offline. Sounds scary, right? 

I saw all the tweets from the MUHC warning patients to stay away if they could, and I was wondering to myself what they'd do to fix this. Seemed like an intense problem to have at any given healthcare space. 

Then I wondered, how did this even happen? Sure tech failures are not uncommon, but with places like the MUHC, you'd think they have backup servers and power supplies. At any rate, the cause of this massive electrical failure was very "Canadian." 


A squirrel is the culprit of this mess. Nothing special, just your average, run of the mill, squirrel. 

Sadly, the squirrel did not make it out of this situation. 

A Hydro-Quebec employee found the little guy electrocuted and dead by one of the massive circuit breaker boxes of a building on De Maisonneuve that houses the MUHC's servers. 

Luckily, though, the MUHC was able to restore power to their servers and everything was back to normal around 6 p.m. yesterday. It wasn't until this morning that it was reported the massive failure at the hospitals was because of a simple squirrel. 

This isn't the first time some wildlife has thrown a monkey wrench into something. Just earlier this week one of Canada's biggest music festival had to postpone dates because of a bird and her nest! 

I love Canada... a place that we postpone events for birds. 


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