On Sunday night the long-awaited HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland, was aired across North America. The first part of the documentary, which brought up child-molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, resulted in many reactions from viewers across the country.

The second half of the documentary, After Neverland, aired Monday night completing the series, which follows the stories of two men who claim they were assaulted by Jackson as children.

Due to the resurfacing of these allegations, radio stations across Quebec have begun removing any Michael Jackson songs from the air, with at least three stations officially refusing to play any of his music again. Dozens more radio stations in the province are also said to be making this change.

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TL;DR After Michael Jackson's allegations of child-molestation resurfaced this week in the HBO two-part documentary series, Quebec radio stations have started removing the pop star's songs from the air. Three radio stations have made the change so far, with at least 23 more to follow. More details below.

Jackson's music was pulled Monday morning at the French-language stations CKOI and Rhythm and the English-language station, The Beat.

A spokesperson for the stations confirmed that due to listeners' comments and reactions regarding the HBO documentary, the decision to remove Michael Jackson's music from airing was unanimous.

As of now, the decision will also apply to Cogeco Media stations across Quebec, meaning 23 more radio stations will soon be cutting any Jackson music as well.

The stations attract more than five million listeners each week so only time will tell if consumers are pleased with the decision or outraged.

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No other radio stations have made the decision to pull the mega pop star's songs just yet, but changes may be made in the future.

Stay tuned for more details and information in the coming weeks.


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