This week, Bonaventure Metro station was forced to evacuate when an unidentified gas leak caused commuters to suddenly begin to cough uncontrollably and experience difficulty breathing.

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STM employees frantically evacuated passenger to safety for further investigation on the source of the apparent leak, and subsequently discovered that the "gas" was actually just residue from some pepper spray which was used in an altercation between two passengers. Doh.

But commuters were left in the dark.

Passengers were left to go home and deal with these mysterious symptoms alone. Not sure of what had actually happened and whether to seek medical attention for their symptoms or not.

Pepper spray packs some panic-inducing effects such as heavy coughing, shortness of breath, and painful burning of the skin, these "symptoms" can be especially scary if you're unaware of where they are coming from.

Some STM passengers claim that “It was the most frightening thing that happened in my life I think” and are disappointed that the STM neglected to communicate with the affected passengers.

Once the investigation was complete, there was no announcement on Twitter or any other social media channel on the STMs part.

Ultimately, even though there was never any actual danger to the health of commuters - just very red itchy eyes and rashy skin -  It clear that the STM handled the situation poorly and Montrealers are not at all impressed.


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