If Quebec decides to seperate from the rest of Canada, NDP leader and Prime Minister-hopeful Jagmeet Singh would be totally cool with it. 

Speaking in Alma, Quebec yesterday, to help campaign for an NDP candidate in the Lac-Saint-Jean riding, Singh was asked by local reporters about his thoughts on Quebec separation, reports HuffPost Canada

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The residents of this particular riding voted to seperate two times in the past.

Singh, when first asked about separation, kind of dodged the question before asking for a bit more time to ponder on his answer. 

After some mental deliberation, Singh went on to add that the NDP government “will respect the decision of the people, without fault, without doubt, because it is a right that is so important, a human right…the right of self-determination” reports HuffPost Canada

Singh then said he would “love us to stay together” but that he would still “respect the decision” to seperate if Quebecers voted as such. 

The NDP party has already said that it would support separation if a majority of Quebecers voted in favour, so Singh is just reiterating his party’s stance, if not a bit more enthusiastically. 

Singh may also be trying to curry favour with Quebec voters, since he knows that the province may be the largest obstacle he needs to overcome in the upcoming federal election. 

As a Sikh, Singh sports a turban, a piece of religious attire many believe will cost the politician crucial votes in Quebec. 

And Singh’s turban did come up during yesterday’s press conference in Alma, Quebec. 

Fortunately the turban-talk was all fairly lighthearted. 

When asked what was under the turban, Singh jokingly responded “lots of hair,” and promised he would unfurl his long locks at the opportune time. Singh also used the moment to take a jab at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, loved around the world for his well-kept hairdo. 

Singh promises that his hair is “more beautiful” than Justin’s, and there’s a lot more of it. 

Screw a political debate, or even a boxing match, now all we want is a hair-off between the two politicians ahead of the 2019 elections. Given the crazy state of politics these days, that could actually happen. Fingers crossed. 

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