Netflix Canada users rejoiced yesterday after finding out that the streaming service would be introducing the Harry Potter films to the platform. You have to admit that it is a bit of a surprise that it took so long, but at least now we can all travel to Hogwarts during a multi-hour binge watch of all the movies in the series.

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TL;DR After Netflix Canada announced that only the last four Harry Potter movies would be available to watch on the platform, Twitter users began calling out the streaming service with both angered and hilarious tweets. More details below.

Well, at least the last four. Because Netflix just confirmed that the first four Harry Potter movies won't be added to the platform.

The reason the most iconic movies will not be available to watch is due to "territorial licensing." So if you were hoping to binge watch all of the Harry Potter movies this weekend, you're going to have to buy the first four on DVD.

Yes, it was a total shock and devastating news to everyone. So much so, that Netflix users decided to take to Twitter for some outraged and hilarious responses.

People had mixed feelings.

Some Netflix users chose to express their concern and frustration through comedy...

Others took to calling Netflix out for being cheap:

Overall, Canadians just seem super happy to have something that the U.S. doesn't:


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