It's been a little while since we've heard about the world of Stranger Things.

Sure season 2 was released only a few months ago, but since we all binge watched the entire season on the same day it was released, it feels like an eternity ago.

The good news is that Stranger Things has just announced the first new cast members for Season 3.

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Priah Ferguson, who played Erica Sinclair will be getting a bigger role after guest starring in the last season.

Photo credit: Viviana Chavez

She will also be joined by a crew of new friends who will help her deal with what they're calling an "unexpected new threat".

The second new cast member will be Maya Thurman Hawke who is (you guessed it) Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter!

Photo Credit: Ellius Grace

She will be playing a new character named Robin who apparently uncovers a dark secret hiding in Hawkins.

Click here for more info.

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