About a year ago, we found out that the borough of Verdun and the city of Montreal was undertaking a HUGE project to get a new public beach up and running for Montreal's 375th.

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Blending the concept of park and beach, the plan was to build one of the coolest most innovative urban beaches in Canada, and the kicker is that you could actually swim in the water! 

Via ville.montreal.qc.ca

The original plan was all mapped out back in 2016 and the city gave everyone full transparency and access to the 3D renderings of this awesome future beach park. You can click here to see the whole plan in finer detail.

Now, however, in true Montreal fashion, it looks like the beach opening will be delayed at least a whole other year. Why you ask? Well, there are a few reasons. The main one being the backflow of sewage into the water making it unsafe for swimming. Yuck.

Although Montreal and it's greater urban area does boast some beaches, no other beaches have been built in such close proximity to the downtown core before.  Which poses some huge unforeseen issues in terms of the cleanliness of the water. 

Via ville.montreal.qc.ca

It seems like although the majority of the time the water is anticipated to be clean, a few times a year officials predict there could be sewage overflows near the swimming area after heavy rains. 

The city has sewage monitoring systems in place and is also re-doing the underground infrastructure separating raw sewage from runoff drains to fix the issue.

Sounds expensive? That's because it is.  The city anticipated spending 4 million on this project, and now due to these unforeseen structural issues, the price tag just went up 1 mil.

That said, until these issues are fully resolved, citizens of Montreal will have to wait for the opening of this wonderful sounding public space.








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