This article contains descriptions of sexual harassment, which some readers may find disturbing. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, call the Centre pour les victimes d'agression sexuelle de Montréal (CVASM) at 514-934-4504 or find them online here.

A male nurse in Quebec has finally had his license revoked after allegations of sexual abuse and rape that date back to February 2017.

The Disciplinary Council of the Order of Nurses of Quebec made the final decision on September 6th to completely revoke the nursing license of Marc Voisine, brother of Quebec singer Roch Voisine.

The allegations stem from a period of time that Voisine was working as a nurse on Anticosti Island in Quebec, specifically at a Port-Menier dispensary.

A complaint was filed against Voisine a month after the incidents, which resulted in his suspension and sacking by the North Shore Health and Social Services Center.

He was unable to practice for some time before the final decision was made this week to permanently revoke his license after Voisine showed no remorse for his actions and continued to blame the victim for the incidents.

Apparently, according to the CBC, a complaint has also been filed with Sûreté du Québec but at this time there are no criminal charges being brought against Voisine in relation to this case.

The first incident occurred when a female patient came to the dispensary in Pont-Menier for a consultation to get a prescription. 

According to TVA Nouvelles, Voisine "detached the bra" of the patient and "felt her breasts."

The patient then returned a few days later for a gynecological consultation. Voisine asked the patient to remove her pants and underwear and then "looked at her undressing and did not offer" a robe or medical coat. He then put the patient's feet in the examination table's stirrups and raped her.

According to reports from both TVA Nouvelles and the CBC, the nurse Marc Voisine, brother to singer Roch Voisine, believed that his brother musical fame and money would protect him from any repercussions. 

He apparently repeated this sentiment to the patient after the alleged crime and in the subsequent days as well. The patient reported the incident a month after it occurred. 

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According to TVA Nouvelles, Voisine "did not collaborate in the investigation. He did not attend the guilty or sanction hearing." They also report that he sent an email to the Disciplinary Registry of the Order claiming his innocence and blaming the "alleged victim."

This reaction from Voisine helped, in part, to inform the Board's decision to permanently revoke his license to practice nursing.

They considered his complete rejection of the blame, which he chose to instead attempt to siphon off onto the victim, as well as his "lack of introspection," meant it was time to lay down the "ultimate sanction" to be "imposed only on the most serious cases."

Voisine had been a practicing nurse since 1989.

There continue to be no criminal charges laid against him at this time.

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