Here we are again at MTL Blog, trying to get a single Anglo to care as much about Occupation Double Afrique du Sud as the rest of Quebec does.

This time, though, it's about so much more than reality TV.

For those of you who have no sweet clue what Occupation Double is, here's a Sparknotes version. The show, often just called OD, is a French Canadian reality TV series that began in 2003 and has been going strong ever since.

The premise is like many romance-turned-game-show series, but with its own OD twist. There are two houses, one for the girls and one for the boys. Each week the women eliminate a male and vice versa until only one couple stands left to celebrate prizes and bragging rights.

So what's so different about this year? Well, for the first time in OD history (which if you didn't count above is 16 years) they are inviting a trans woman, Khate from Amos, Quebec, to compete for the glory of OD champion.

But we can't help but think she's a champion already.

This season, the contestants are making their way to South Africa. Previous seasons saw contestants living the life of luxury in countries like Indonesia, Portugal, and Greece.

Khate shared her excitement to be a part of the show just earlier today on her Instagram page. The photo below was captioned, "je suis officiellement candidate à Occupation Double Afrique du Sud! 🇿🇦#odafriquedusud @od_officiel"

"I am officially a candidate for Occupation Double South Africa!"

This move marks a continuing effort by the show to increase representation, Narcity Quebec notes, as in recent years they have invited pansexual and bisexual contestants to compete.

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Khate shared her own excitement for her premier on the show on her Instagram page with the story below:

She says, "I'm Khate, I'm twenty-three and I come from Amos. I'm a patient care attendant and I host conferences to speak about my journey and allow young people to ask questions... and I am seriously proud to be the first trans woman on Occupation Double!" 

Cue the adorable squeal at the end that is completely infectious and has us just as excited for Khate as she likely is for herself!!!

This move by Occupation Double is not only fantastic for Khate as an individual but also speaks volumes to representation in popular media.

There's no question that Khate's got her own nerves and hesitations about being on the show, which she shared with a local Amos publication, Le Citoyen.

Some of those concerns are, unfortunately, very common female worries, like that she's not the thinnest. Other concerns obviously stem from her own journey through transitioning and how audiences and even other candidates may react.

Here's hoping those concerns are completely unnecessary.

Occupation Double premiers this September 22, 2019 and you can watch it online right here.

Read Narcity Quebec's French coverage of this awesome news at their article right here.

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