You probably heard by now that Bruce Willis is in town.

He's been busy filming the remake of the classic movie Death Wish.

Last week he was spotted in the old Port, but the pictures were not very impressive.

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But now, some new photos have surfaced that are bound to make you smile.

That's because the movie may be filmed in Montreal, but it takes place in New York. So in order to fit the part, a section of Old Montreal had to be transformed into New York.

And that can only mean one thing, a lot of yellow cabs.

Yup, it turns out that transforming Montreal into New-York is surprisingly easy.

The buildings look the same, so all you really need are a couple of taxis, some fake license plates and a street sign or two.

I can't tell if Bruce is walking or doing lunges in this photo.

Either that, or he's riding an invisible skateboard which is rather impressive.

He he is conversing with a camera.

But I'm more curious about what all the people in the background are staring at.

Bruce Willis is right in front of them, and yet they're all way more interested in what's going on the other side.

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