You may or may not know that Old Montreal has an underground cave that you can explore... and it's pretty magical. 

Montreal has a ton of unique bars and restos, and events to go and check out every month.

Unique in the sense that these events do not happen year round, are exclusive or just have that special something that set the Montreal bar higher than any other city in Canada.

The Speakeasy bar trend seems to be growing bigger and better every year. One of Montreal's speakeasy bars just got ranked one of the top 50 bars in Canada!

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What if I told you that the magical Old Port underground cave would make the best speakeasy 5 à 7  this city has ever seen? You'd probably agree with me, but maybe think that would be a huge reach and would never happen. 

Well, I have some news for you! 

Montreal is about to be treated to the most ephemeral speakeasy underground event this month. 

Organized by the Philanthropic Relève de Pointe-à-Callière, this exclusive event will have you enter through a secret entrance, only after giving a password, in true speakeasy fashion. Your password will be printed on your ticket. 

Once your secret password is accepted, you will need to go underground to a "secret place" where you will be able to kick back and be served the "illegal" secret drinks of the evening. 

DJs will be on hand to keep the party moving. 

The best part of this event? The fact that this all goes down in a secret underground cave is not it - I know, shocking right? 

There will be an open bar included with your ticket! 

I repeat...OPEN BAR! 

When? April 30, 2018 - 5 PM - 7 PM

Where? 165 Place d'Youville

How Much? Only $30 before April 20th, $40 as of April 21st

Tickets are available to purchase right here.

There is limited space available for this exclusive speakeasy event, so get your tickets fast!

Follow the event page on Facebook right here.

Moment Factory, Foodora, Station 16, Le Nomade and Molson are participating partners for this event. 

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