Photo cred - Johany Jutras

Montreal is beautiful at every moment of the day, all year round, no matter where you are in the city. Being witness to every single moment of Montreal magic is an impossible task, so thank our stars the city is inhabited by many artists who immortalize the city's grandeur in many ways. Johany Jutras is one of these artists, and her latest timelapse video truly embodies the beauty of the city.

Compiling footage taken over 8 months, Jutras has created MONTREAL: A timelapse story. Capturing Montreal from many vantage points and iconic landmarks, the short video features exciting angles and vibrant transitions from day to night, bustling to idle, and back again.

Check out Jutras' work in the video below, and check out more of her photography and media projects on her facebook page, Twitter, Instagram & website.

For more on all things Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte


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