We in Canada are lucky to be able to call Drake our own.

The famous singer dominates the list of contemporary stars from the Great White North.

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He's proud of his Canadian roots, too! 

So when his latest tour came to Montreal this week, it became a phenomenon. 

Thousands have poured in the Bell Centre to enjoy the concert. Thousands more photos, videos, and messages have flooded social media.

But one video in particular has stood out for the really incredible moment it captures.

In his current tour, Drake has given one lucky fan at every venue the chance to win between $10,000 and $25,000.

All they need to do: make a successful half court shot in the basketball court at the centre of the concert staging.

That's no small feat. But one Montreal made made it look pretty easy. 

You have to watch the video:

The crowd goes wild as everyone realizes that the ball successfully passed through the hoop. It's pretty heartwarming.

The fan runs around the court jubilantly.

I'd personally like to know how he plans on spending the money. Will he save it? Spend it on material goods? Take a really nice vacation? Pay off debt?

Or will he use it to attend every Drake concert from now until the end of his career?

Who knows? But after watching that video, I can't help but be happy for him.



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