Osheaga has just announced that First Nations Headdresses will no longer be allowed at the festival. The organizers recognize the cultural and spiritual significance behind headdresses and have said that "they shouldn't be worn as a fashion accessory", and frankly, we agree.

The organizers have also mentioned that the same ban will apply to the Ile Soniq Festival and according to their Facebook page, the fans are enthusiastically supporting this decision. Hopefully this sets a new standard for the appropriation of all religious/cultural symbols and other festivals across Canada will follow suit. No one likes a dress code when it comes to outdoor festivals, but this is a step in the right direction for cultural awareness.

Not only is it extremely offensive, you're also probably ruining the view for the guy behind you while looking like an ignoramus. Kudos Osheaga!

Check out Osheaga's Facebook page for more info.

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