Terrible weather has paralyzed Montreal Hydro services today as over 125,000 people in Montreal and the surrounding area are without power right now.

A little over 16,000 people on the island are without power, including some 52,000 in the Laurentians and 31,000 in Laval. According to Hydro-Quebec, there is no timeframe for when the service will return. 

Hydro-Quebec has mobilized across the province to help restore power to the many areas surrounding Montreal. Residents are left wondering when their power will come back as Hydro hasn't officially released a statement. 

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TL;DR  Hydro Quebec is scrambling to restore power to over 125,000 affected residents in the Montreal region. Freezing rain and weird weather conditions have contributed to massive power outages across the area.

After Environment Canada released a freezing rain warning this morning, people all over Montreal are wondering why this weather is happening. Montrealers are understandably upset after experiencing a taste of spring weather this past weekend. 

Some people on Twitter claim that their power has been out since early this morning. A quick look at Hydro Quebec's outage map reveals the big picture.

Whatever happens, this power outage seems to be a huge one. I assume the power will be out for a while.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


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