It's officially the month of Halloween today, meaning we should be enjoying the upcoming fall foliage, cooler temperatures perfect for sweaters, and at it's worst a bit of rain.

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TL;DR In both Alberta and British Columbia, massive snow storms are taking over the start of October. Temperatures are reaching below zero with up to 30cm of snow predicted for the week.

October seriously is a transition month. It's right in between the end of summer and beginning of winter, so it's expected that this time of year will always be a little interesting.

Although many Canadians were not expecting it to full-on blizzard in their hometown today.

This morning Environment Canada sent out a warning to both Alberta and British Columbia that an "early-season snowfall" would effect the provinces. They may have underestimated the force of early winter just a bit. 

Southern Alberta will be suffering through up to 30cm of snow this week as well as frigid cold temperatures. Arctic air will be travelling south, leading to even more snow and winter weather in the upcoming forecast.

It's expected that tonight and tomorrow morning will be the worst of the surprise blizzard, with intense and dangerous winds blowing snow across the provinces. 

Seriously, it's going to get so cold that tomorrow the predicted temperatures in Calgary, Alberta are going to feel like -6°C. Not only that, but over on the east coast Nova Scotia has just received a massive frost advisory. 

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Winter is actually closing in on us.

Luckily, as the month continues it's expected that British Columbia will return to normal autumn temperatures. As for Alberta, we should all anticipate that the weather will continue back-and-forth for the rest of the season. 

Let's just hope Halloween this year isn't cancelled due to surprise blizzards taking over Canada.

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