For most people, this month has been a pretty difficult one. Whether it was time to finish up your vacation and head back to school or work, or because the changing of the seasons can be a little irritating. Needless to say, September is not one of our most favourite months of the year.

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TL;DR Earlier this month a gas leak took over Côte Saint-Luc and other parts of Montreal's west end. Due to the inaccessible design of the municipality, many residents were left trapped with no way to escape despite there being an evacuation alert. Montrealers are now demanding more routes leaving the area be built, and are asking the provincial government to give more attention to dangerous situations such as this.

This is especially true for residents of Côte Saint-Luc and most of Montreal's west end, after the beginning of the month kicked off with a dangerous gas leak.

Residents woke up on September 6 to Hydro-Québec shutting off service for over 10,000 customers in the city. The gas leak had taken over Kildaire Road and Cavendish Boulevard. 

Nearby homes were hastily evacuated while the situation was assessed. Most roads were closed off with only a few side streets and the underpasses on Cavendish and Westminster Avenue the only way to escape the municipality. 

The people of Côte Saint-Luc were trapped in a horrible nightmare. Local businesses and schools had to shut down, and with all of the roads essentially closed off there was nowhere that residents could go to find safety.

The problem is with how the municipality is designed. With major construction flooding the area and more homes being built each year it leaves residents vulnerable during dangerous situations like this. 

The people are calling for more emergency exits to be built, such as one heading towards Montreal's Saint-Laurent and Mount Royal borough. Unfortunately, this has been in discussion by the city for decades. 

The good news is that we can expect a new road will be opening soon to make the area more accessible during unexpected evacuations and dangerous conditions. There's even talks of two new underpasses being created to allow for a smoother traffic flow.

With the Quebec election upon us, Montrealers are expecting the government to take charge of the vulnerability of the area and add neccessary changes to ensure this never happens again. 

We can only wait and see what exactly happens in the near future in terms of preparing for sudden emergencies across the city.

While Côte Saint-Luc is still dealing from the aftermath of the situation, there's hope that more escape routes are going to be built for the area.




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