Say what you like and feel about Pauline Marois, but no one can deny the woman has some mad swagger, at least in this pic. Posted up with shades like a G in a Ferrari, the ex-premiere of Quebec is looking pretty luxe. We also can't help but imagine that some Fast & The Furious-level car racing action went down right before this pic was taken, and Marois is just basking in the sun after outmaneuvering some noob-level drag racers.

The photo was likely taken yesterday, as both La Clique du Plateau and the Put The Canadian Flag Back In Quebec Assembly FB group both shared the image sometime yesterday evening. The latter states that this is Marois' brand new Ferrari, which means things are going pretty well for Marois despite the results of the last election.

While we expected Marois' ride to be a bit more decked out with Quebec-gear (why not a blue Ferrari?) the pic is still pretty epic, just for all the fun "what ifs" you can create. Anyone else getting some Terminator vibes off this image? Or maybe the car is secretly a Transformer? Let your imagination run wild, 'cuz its certainly more exciting than the reality, in which Marois simply own a Ferrari.

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