As Canada becomes the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana, a whole new industry is about to boom.

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Since it's up to the individual provinces to regulate the soon-to-be legal drug, the ten provincial governments are eager to compete for their unique slice of the prospective market.

Prince Edward Island, the nation's smallest province and famed destination, is especially interested in the potential of weed tourism.

The island is already a major hub of tourism in the maritimes. With red, rocky cliffs that dive into the ocean and sweeping, buccolic landscapes, P.E.I. is a uniquely Canadian kind of coastal paradise.

But now, the province seems poised to allow recreational marijuana use in hotel rooms. The move will not only allow casual consumption after a busy day of tourist escapades, but also open the possibility for weed-centered hotels.

Entire marijuana resorts may very well soon dot the picturesque coast of the tiny island. This specialized market is sure to make P.E.I. an even more distinctive vacationland. And because, so far, it is the only province to explicitly allow hotel room smoking, it may become an international destination for weed enthusiasts.

Stay tuned.



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