If you have never heard of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, you're sleeping under a massive boulder. This talkshow-style Podcast is one of the most downloaded iTunes podcasts and week after week continues to rank in the top 5 on the Podcast app, often taking up the #1 spot. 

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That said, The Joe Rogan Experience just hosted probably the most important episode since its launch in 2009 with an exceptional guest star – Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is an icon and one of the most important men not only of our decade but of our time. He will take us into space someday, I am sure of it.

I haven't yet listened to the Podcast because it got uploaded very early this morning, around 5 a.m EST. But I woke up to Twitter absolutely exploding with Tweets about Elon Musk smoking weed on the show.

Joe Rogan is very open about his appreciation for marijuana and often shares a joint with his guests in the studio. So it wasn't a huge surprise – to JRE fans, at least – that this type of casual drug-consumption would happen. 

Some people don't find it all that comical that these two men are openly smoking weed, though. For example, CNN political commentator Keith Boykin Tweeted that "Black kids are still being arrested for smoking weed in many of America’s cities, but Elon Musk and Joe Rogan are sitting here smoking blunts on camera."

There is serious truth to this comment. A double standard is active in our culture; all too often white celebrities are applauded and celebrated for behaviors and actions that would be condemned and punished if it was done by a black person or any visible minority for that matter.

It's only been a few hours since the release of the video, and the Tweets and comments are already on fire. I'm excited to see how they will develop. If you're curious in checking out the full 2+ hour episode, peep the video below, or subscribe to the Joe Rogan Experience here.


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