On Tuesday evening, Twitter erupted in posts about Youtuber Jake Paul.

The topic quickly became the number one trending topic in Canada, displacing discussion of the 9/11 anniversary on Twitter trends.

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Naturally, people had questions:

Shane Dawson is another Youtuber of perhaps greater fame.

In recent months, Dawson has piqued social media interest with his series of widely-circulated and in-depth examinations of highly controversial Youtube celebrities

His series on Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star have tens of millions of views on Youtube.

Today, Dawson announced on Twitter that his latest focus would be none other than Jake Paul.

Paul first gained fame on the Disney Channel, but rose to infamy through Vine and Youtube.

Paul is also brother to disgraced Youtuber Logan Paul, who drew international condemnation after he posted a video of a deceased person in Japan's "Suicide Forest."

Jake is most known for his "stunts," which many describe as dangerous. Among his most notable acts are an incident where Jake blew up a car and a video where he sets fire to furniture only to attempt to extinguish the blaze in his own pool.

Through "Team 10," his cohort of roomates and fellow pranksters, he has documented dozens of often inappropriate and disrespectful stunts.

He also makes use of his Youtube channel to "diss" other public figures in odd rap music videos.

You can watch his "diss" of Logan below:

Jake has also made racist comments in the past.

For these reasons, Dawson's documentary is sure to attract another few million views from both supporters and critiques of Paul.

The announcement has certainly provoked some pretty intense reactions on Twitter:



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