A disturbing video that was posted to social media earlier this week has gone viral, leading to national outrage.

The video caught a police officer in Lethbridge, Alberta repeatedly running over a deer in an attempt to kill it.

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TL;DR Canadians are infuriated with a Lethbridge, Alberta police officer who attempted to end the life of a deer that had been struck by a car by running over the deer himself, multiple times, in the middle of the street, where it was all caught on video.

The video is truly revolting. After initially hitting the animal, the officer runs back and forth over its body to crush it. Despite the deer's screams, the officer eventually parks his service car with a wheel on its head.

When the officer finally gives up and drags the deer to the side of the road, it is unclear if the animal is alive or dead.

In response to public outrage, several institutions have filed complaints and officials have launched an investigation. But according to the Lethbridge Police Department, the officer is still on active duty pending a final decision.

But a statement apparently defending the officer has provoked even more fury.

In a tweet published on Tuesday, the department explains that "the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating [the] incident involving the actions of a Lethbridge Police officer who used his service vehicle to euthanize an injured deer."

In response to the Lethbridge Police tweet, people were understandably incensed. The statement completely erases the cruelty of the officer's actions, making them sound like a normal, even humane method of ending an animal's life.

The deer was initially hit by another vehicle, apparently breaking the animal's back legs. The woman who captured the video witnessed the impact and waited for the police to arrive. 

Upon arrival at the scene, the officer proceeded to run over the animal repeatedly, presumably in an effort to put the animal "out of their misery."

Evidently, the officer's actions did not have that effect. The deer can be heard screaming in pain throughout the video. 

Many people on Twitter are now wondering what spurred this action from the officer.  It certainly raises questions in regards to training and wildlife issues. 

The video in question can be viewed through Global News. The video is extremely disturbing and will be upsetting to viewers.


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