Recently it seems as though Canadians and the infamous Tim Hortons chain had made amends. With brand new menu items such as their 'Timmies Minis," "double double coffee" flavoured Timbits, and the return of their holiday menu, it seemed as Tims was on its way to reclaiming its once revered status in Canada.

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TL;DR Below is a compilation of tweets from Canadians that are sick and tired of Tim Hortons.

We may have spoken too soon, though, as it looks like Canadians are still pretty fed up with Tim Hortons and their overall service. But you have to ask, how many times have you received your bagel burnt to a crisp (or maybe not even toasted at all)?

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Although Canadians are known for being pretty forgiving and understanding, those traits don't seem to apply when we complain about our Timmies. In fact, Twitter happens to be a gold mine for complaints and rants about the once-loved restaurant chain. 

Here are just some of the more hilarious (and cringeworthy) tweets about how sick and tired people in Canada are of Tim Hortons:

Sometimes things can get mixed up.

In some cases, people were complaining about typical Tim Hortons problems we have definitely all faced before...

Some experiences were definitely worse than others.

Some Canadians are even going as far as to announce their new favourite coffee chain, and it looks like Tim Hortons is on the losing end.

Some are already past the point of forgiveness when it comes to Tim Hortons.

Do you think Tim Hortons has past the point of redemption in the hearts of Canadians? Let us know!


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