People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is famous for what can sometimes seem like unreasonable actions and requests.

Members of the organization are extreme in their campaign for more humane treatment of animals. 

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Investigators have even linked the group to some terrorist activity.

PETA is controversial. Public reaction to PETA activity ranges from rage to hilarity. 

So when the organization issues new statements, it tends to be big news.

PETA's latest target: Canadians who consume lobster.

According to the CBC, when residents of a fishing community in British Columbia began to complain about the smell emanating from a nearby lobster packing company, PETA became quickly involved.

Omera Shells Inc. reduces old lobsters to dust and exports those remains to Asia.

In response, PETA began a public ad campaign encouraging Canadians to forgo lobsters altogether.

PETA is also directly targeting Omara Shells Inc..

This is just the latest effort from the organization that has been met with public dismissal and scorn.

At the beginning of this year, reports circulated that PETA regular put down animals at kill shelters.

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Whether the campaign against lobster-eating will have any success remains to be seen. PETA tends to squander its credibility.

Will you stop eating lobster?

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