Let's be serious, any chance you have to get a free pizza, you're most likely going to take it. It's the perfect meal for a late night after work when you don't want to cook, hosting a movie night with friends, spending the evening all alone or even having a cheat day from your diet. Pizza is pretty universal, and is an acceptable option for any meal of the day.

So, when you hear the words "free" and "pizza" in the same sentence it can get pretty exciting, right? Well, luckily this isn't just a hypothetical question. Yes, Pizza Hut really is giving away free pizzas this week only.

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TL;DR Pizza Hut Canada is offering free pizzas with the purchase of a pizza of equal or greater value for a limited time only. The promotion is available with online orders only when you use the promo code 879 at checkout. The discount is available at participating locations until March 10, 2019.

The promotion is valid online at the official Pizza Hut website and is available at participating restaurants in every province. All you have to do to receive the promotion is order two pizzas (the discount will be applied to the pizza of equal of lesser value) enter the promo code at checkout, pay for one pizza and that's it! Your second pizza is totally free of charge.

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The promo code you'll need to add to your order is 879, which will land you a free pizza pie once you punch it in. 

The only downside to this amazing offer is that the discount ends on March 10, 2019. There's also a limit of one coupon per order, but that only means that you have a pretty good excuse to order pizza more than once this week.

For more information on the promotion and order your free pizza, click HERE. Read more about the deal HERE!


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