Every year daylight savings time rolls along, and every year the same question keeps coming up: Why do we still do it? 

After all, we're not all farmers and we don't rely on sunshine to earn a living, that's why many people feel like this is an outdated concept that has more negative effects overall.

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Daylight saving time is know to be the cause of many health problems this time of year and when we switch the clock back an hour in the spring it's actually known as the deadliest day of the year

Plus, not everyone observes daylight savings, so it is possible for society to function normally without it.

In fact there are at least 7 places in Canada that chose not to change the time: 

  • Fort Nelson - British Columbia 

  • Pickle Lake - Ontario

  • Creston - British Columbia 

  • Peace River Regional District - British Columbia 

  • New Osnaburgh - Ontario

  • Atikokan - Ontario

  • Quebec’s North Shore

How would you like to see Montreal added to this list? 


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