Montreal is known to be a safe place.

Actually, we ranked extremely high compared to other large cities when it comes to safety, only 22 people have been murdered on the island so far this year.

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Stabbing seems to be the most popular option in this city. So far, there have been 8 stabbings and 6 shootings.  As for the remaining 8, one inmate was beaten to death, one man was chocked, and one woman was set on fire. The other 5 do not list how the victims were killed.

This is Montreal's famous "crime map", and we used it to find out exactly where these stabbing are happening, so that we could see where you're most likely to be stabbed in in the city.

Here are the stabbing in 2016:

When you take a look at where these stabbings are happening, it becomes clear. The downtown core is by far the place where you're most likely to get stabbed in Montreal.

As for the rest of the stabbings, one happened in the East End, one in Verdun and all the others happened somewhere downtown.

Last year there were 30 murders in Montreal. Once again stabbing was the preferred method.

There were 11 stabbings, 9 shootings and 10 murders where the details remain unknown.

That year, most of the stabbings also took place in the downtown core which confirms that downtown is by far the place where you're most likely to get stabbed.

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