This video recently released has documented some incredible footage of a police officer in a convenience store attempting to arrest a very resistant and mischievous couple in an Alberta mini-mart.

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This arrest - captured by the mini mart's security cams -  is so unusual, it can almost be a cartoon. It has everything from a frantic shirtless man, to the flailing of sacks of peanuts, to people falling through ceilings. Truly unreal.

It seems that as soon as the officer arrives on the scene the perpetrator is jolted into a frantic attempt to resist arrest.  You can even see him grab a green bag of peanuts in a lame attempt to fend off the officer.

The officer, pointing out what seems to be a taser gun at the shirtless man, is quite fearless and gets the perpetrator down on the ground.

But the shirtless criminal is obviously on a clear mission to escape arrest and then jumps up onto the officer in an attempt to free himself. Bad idea.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend - the lady in the pink tank top - creeps into the back stock room and up onto a shelf and possibly into an air scarf, because a few moments later in the video we can see her busting through the ceiling and plummeting down onto a snack display. OUCH.

Despite their effort, the couple is no match for armed police and backup shows up quickly to successfully cuff and stop these two from further shenanigans.


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