Earlier this week the city was hit with the news that a dog had attacked two children, leaving them both with injuries that required hospital treatment. Since then, city officials have been coming together to make new bylaws for dogs and dog owners to ensure this would not happen again.

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The goal is to make people feel safe to contact authorities about a dangerous dog when they see one. You would think that the dogs attacking these people would be strays or unfamiliar dogs that are afraid or unsure of the person, but surprisingly these dogs are family dogs of the victims and know them well.

It's the same case for the woman who was attacked by a dog in her own home yesterday evening in the Laval-des-Rapides neighbourhood. The dog belonged to her adult son, and the woman even admits just 10 minutes earlier the dog was being well behaved. 

They put the dog outside in the yard so it would calm down and they called the cops. 

Then out of nowhere the dog ran back in the house and lunged at the woman and bit her arm. The dog repeatedly latched onto her while the police were being called. Upon arrival officers quickly realized there was no way of stopping the dog from attacking the woman unless they take immediate action.

They tried to use a taser gun but it didn't work. Officers then fired 10 shots, the dog was hit and killed on site.

It was an incredibly traumatizing experience, as the woman says her children were in the room during the attack and when the animal was shot. The family is grateful though as the woman truly believes if those measures had not been taken then her arm would have eventually been torn off by the dog.

The woman was lucky to get away without any life-threatening injuries, and has received treatment for the bites she has on her arm. 

With this being the second major dog attack in less than five days, it's almost inevitable that the city will be reviewing even more pet bylaws that we will most likely hear about after the weekend. 


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