Here's a question every Montreal should know the answer to. Who drinks more, Anglophones or Francophones? Although the Francophones have a reputation for being big drinkers, I largely expected the Anglophones to come out on top because of all the binge drinking college students.

But in the end it's the Francophones and their Joie De Vivre that makes them the biggest drinkers in Montreal.

According to CJAD, only 65% of Anglophones admitted to drinking alcohol this year compared to 82% of Francophones. What's even crazier is the fact that the Anglophone group also included Allophones. So both those groups combined still could come close to beating the Francophones.

Here are some more interesting stats that came out of this survey:

  • Montrealers are twice as likely to go out drinking at bar, compared to the rest of Quebec.
  • Half of Montrealers say they go out drinking regularly.
  • 8% of the people surveyed admitted to driving under the influence. (And that's just those who admitted it.)


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