Montreal's newsfeeds have been dominated all day with stories covering yesterday's city hall protest, performed by Montreal's firefighters and those supporting their cause against pension reforms.

Many claims have been made regarding how the protest transpired, with many reports demonizing the firefighters, citing their actions as wild and unruly.

A few news sources have released footage of the protest itself, and so did Montrealer Robin Edgar, who was on the scene and taped a large chunk of the controversial protest. Beginning right as the protest is in high-gear, the video also showcases the aftermath of the protest and opinions from several Montrealers.

One moment that caught our eye was one opportunistic firefighter who couldn't resist urge to snap a selfie in the head honcho's chair. Good thing he was smart enough to cover his face.  We also gave him "bro" status because, well, look at that hat and those arms.

See for yourself below.

Whatever your thoughts on the protest, we feel bad for the cleaning staff who had to clean up all those papers strewn about the floor.

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