Jean Carriere, the PQ candidate in Lafontaine, has confirmed he posted a racist picture on his personal Facebook page, and is largely unapologetic about the whole thing.

In light of this discovery, Carriere has dropped out of the race. 

On January 26th, 2014 Carriere posted a photo of a woman giving the middle finger with the text "Fuck Islam" onto his own timeline. See the full image below.

Carriere claims the photo was meant to be feminist. In an interview with Radio-Canada, Carriere confirmed he posted the picture, and held to his supposed feminist stance.

Other photos attacking Islam also appeared on Carriere's FB page, although Carriere claims these images were not posted by him. He claims his account was hacked, deactivated and reactivated. As of now, his Twitter account is not unavailable.

Radio-Canada asked Carriere if he would consider dropping out of the election race, to which he initally replied with a vague "We'll see."

He has since changed his mind and dropped out of the race. 

Below are other images posted to Carriere's personal timeline. Note, Carriere has not taken responsibility for posting these.

How do you feel about this?

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