When I was a kid, grownups always warned me that escalators were dangerous. But how dangerous can they really be? They're everywhere, so they must be pretty safe right? 

Well actually they're way more dangerous that you think. Every 2nd day someone in Montreal hurts themselves on an escalator in the STM. 

Between January 2014  and June 2017, 626 escalator accidents occurred across 296 STM escalators, and almost half of those injuries require a trip to the hospital. 

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Last week something happened we thought was only possible in a horror movie. Someone was using the escalator when all of a sudden the space between the steps literally started swallowing up their shoe. 

Luckily the passenger managed to get their foot out of the trapped show before losing any toes.

Funny how we worry about an untied shoelace or a dangling piece of clothing, but we never worry about having an entire shoe gobbled up. 


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