Every year, the leading culture destinations awards releases its list of the top cultural destinations from around the world.

The categories include fine art exhibitions, museum awards that celebrate everything from architecture to the museum shops, and everything in between.

They also hand out the Traveler Awards, which name the top culture cities from around the world.

The province of Quebec (Especially Montreal), is no stranger to winning awards, we win them pretty regularly.


This year, the winner of the Culture City Of The Year award was none other than Canada's very own Quebec City.

Quebec City beat out all of its fellow nominees, which was no easy task considering they were competing against Los Angeles and Lyon.

But this doesn't just mean Quebec has pretty museums, it's much more than that.

These awards are meant to highlight the cities around the world that have become social hubs for visitors to spend time, dine, shop, and even work.

According to QuebecRegion, the deciding factors were Quebec's unique character and their talent for innovation and cultural initiatives.

So if you haven't visited in awhile, consider taking a little trip to Quebec city and see what the world is raving about for yourself.

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