Want you’re own private island? It could be yours, all for a cheaper price than a home in Canada’s hottest housing markets. 

A Quebec family is looking to sell of Cheney Island (no connection to the former American Vice President) in New Brunswick. From $920,000 the family has dropped the price to $850,000, reports The Gazette

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That’s more affordable than most townhouses in the City of Toronto or Vancouver. 

100 hectares in size, the island area has two seperate houses and a few beaches (both sandy and rocky) overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Entirely private, the beaches’s waters are populated by dolphins and whales.

Getting to the island isn’t all too difficult either. Currently, the owners have a deal set up with a ferry service travelling from Grand Manan Island. But you can also get their on-foot or by car, depending on water levels. 

Cheney Island is also right by the border to Maine. And, in actuality, the island is closer to the U.S. than it is Canada, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. 

You can find out more and see some pictures by heading to Cheney Island's property page on PrivateIslands.com. Yes, that is a real website. 

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