Tomorrow the Couillard government is supposed to release the new marijuana legislation for Quebec once weed becomes legal. 

The exact details of the Cannabis Regulation Act will be revealed tomorrow however, according to The Montreal Gazette some details have already been made public. 

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Here's what we know so far: 

1. Legal Age Of Consumption: 18 


2. The Government will maintain full control of distribution and sales

(Because the Quebec Government are greedy bastards)

3. Growing your own weed at home will not be allowed

(So you're forced to buy it from them, I told you they were greedy bastards) 

4. There will be zero tolerance for smoking and driving

(Even though they have no idea how to measure how much a person has smoked) 

5. There will be new rules on where you can smoke

(You must keep a certain distance from public places)

6. Cegeps and universities will ban students from smoking on campus


7. Sales will likely be handled by the SAQ

(SMQ Societe de la marijuana du Quebec)

8. Online purchases will be allowed 


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