A hospital in Montreal's south shore is having some major issues.

Charles-LeMoyne Hospital is making a home for flies, ants, and ladybugs!

The creepy crawlers are making operations difficult for the hospital, which has spent $700,000 already to rid itself of the unwelcome tiny visitors.

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30 workers have signed a petition to Minister Gaetan Barrette asking for help. 

The CISSS Monteregie claims this situation is because of an old, dilapidated building.

“We did some work last fall and were certain that we had found the source of the problem of fly infiltration. However, other work is needed and planned for this spring.” - CISSS Monteregie. Source: CTV

The CISSS Monteregie commented on the matter Tuesday afternoon saying the operating block is “completely safe."

Despite these claims, it seems like the situation is far from over.

Disturbing videos have been circulating that shows a ladybug joining a surgical operation, walking over surgical instruments only a few centimeters away from the patient! 

I could only imagine how the patient must feel seeing this after their surgery. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

Hospital staff can then be seen using a metal bowl to catch the little pest! 

Staff counted 2 ladybugs, 3 ants, 2 flies and a fruit fly roaming in an operating room. In one case, an ant was walking over a surgeon's sterile uniform at the start of an operation! Would you want the person who's about to cut you open bringing ants into your surgery? I think not. 

"We have a duty to make sure our patients are operated under proper sanitary conditions so as not to affect their state of health. In this respect, we can not tolerate flies, ladybugs or humidity levels that are well above the standards in these rooms, " reads the letter sent to Minister Gaetan Barrette earlier this month. Source: Journal De Montreal

They are asking for emergency work to redo the operating theater. reads. According to the document, hospital authorities are aware that various critters have established their nest in the ceiling of the operating theater because of the obsolescence of the facilities.

A new OR theater has been talked about for 15 years, the hospital management has only presented its plans to the ministry as of this past December.

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