• The government of Canada has issued a Tropical Cyclone statement that indicates several provinces will be hit by incoming Hurricane Dorian.
  • Quebec will see impact especially on the Lower North Shore.
  • Montreal and surrounding areas will also be seeing a low-pressure system which will lead to more rain.

Now that Hurricane Dorian is headed north, the government of Canada has issued a Tropical Cyclone statement for several provinces on Canada's east coast. 

The statement also includes several regions in Quebec, particularly the Lower North Shore, that are expected to be particularly affected by the incoming tropical storm.

And even regions in Quebec that aren't included in the Tropical Cyclone statement are expected to see significant amounts of rain and wind this weekend as the perimeters of the hurricane extend outwards into Quebec.

On top of that, we've got a low-pressure system coming in from the west, right through Ottawa and expected to hit Montreal later today and into Saturday.

The warmer water temperatures that are currently lingering at about 3C higher than average are apparently going to really fuel the fire of Dorian, according to The Weather Network, meaning that though the storm has decreased from a Category 5, there's a good chance it's really going to ramp up as it enters the warm Canadian Maritime waters. 

Below is a radar tracker for Friday afternoon. As you can see, a system is coming in from the west towards Montreal and surrounding areas, as Dorian is down on the United States' east coast. 

As Dorian travels north it is expected to pick up steam, particularly once it reaches Nova Scotia.

Quebec regions that have been mentioned as part of the Tropical Cyclone statement include

  • Anticosti
  • Blanc-Sablon
  • Chevery
  • Îles-de-la-Madeleine

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Below is the precipitation forecast for Saturday evening when another low-pressure system is expected to bring rain into Montreal and the more landlocked regions of Southern Quebec, as Dorian comes up on the east.

These combined systems are sure to make for an interesting weekend in Quebec. 

The government of Canada's Tropical Cyclone Statement indicate that winds are expected to reach up to 120 km/h in regions that are currently under the issued statement.

Saturday overnight will continue to bring rain and severe weather for regions on the east coast.

Regions like Rimouski, Gaspé, and even Sept-Îles will see some of the repercussions of Dorian as it hovers over Nova Scotia.

With strong winds and heavy rainfall expected to linger throughout the weekend, be prepared for the potential implications. Trees may come down, flash flooding may occur and for coast areas, waves are expected to be rough.

We'll be keeping an eye on the situation and will provide updates as they arise.

To track the storm yourself, follow the government of Canada's Tropical Cyclone Statement, which will be providing regularly scheduled information statement updates.

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