Cold snaps normally last for only a handful of days, but it experts say that we are in the midst of an unusually long cold snap due to a "polar vortex" which has triggered a long cold spell for most of eastern Canada.

“polar vortex” is a fast-moving flow of air that usually sits over the Arctic. It will sometimes travels south and bring the cold air along with it. This week, as the vortex splits into three, cold will spread throughout the country.

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Quebec is being hit particularly hard by this intense cold front, and some parts of Quebec are going to experience record-shattering low temperature this weekend.

For example, Quebec City's record for lowest temperature on January 18th was -32.6°C in 1997.

According to Environment Canada's  recent warnings, the temperature is predicted to dip down to a chilling -38°C overnight, effectively beating the 1997 record.


In other words, some people will have never felt such extreme cold, even in their lifetime. It's important to be prepared as Environment Canada warns these sub-zero temperature can give you frostbite in minutes.

That said, there are "extreme cold warning" alerts for other parts of the province. This includes:

  • Bellechasse area
  • Côte-de-Beaupré - L'Île d'Orléans area
  • Lévis area
  • Lotbinière area
  • Portneuf area
  • Québec area
  • Saint-Lambert area
  • Valcartier - Stoneham area

In these regions, the wind chill is predicted to reach as low as -40°C and -50°C in some areas starting tonight, and persist into Monday.

Put on your parkas, Quebec. It's going to be unpleasant.


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