Residents of Quebec are consistently ranked the happiest population in Canada. Two separate studies in the last two years place Quebec at the top of the list of the happiest provinces in the country.

Most recently, a survey conducted by The Globe And Mail and The Gandalf Group found that "residents of Quebec are more satisfied with most aspects of their personal lives than Canadians in the rest of the country" and "the most satisfied with work life balance in their life."

Also among the aspects studied in the survey as contributers to general happiness were mental health, leisure time, and satisfaction in professional path.

The survey reinforced a 2016 study by the Angus Reid Institute that found that Quebec is the happiest province, according to the Loop

One standout figure from the Gandalf Group study shows that "residents of Quebec are far more likely to be satisfied with their neighbours." In an article published June 17, 2019, Globe And Mail writer Gail Johnson explains this sense of community by pointing to cultural cohesion and an emphasis on language and heritage — a unique attribute among Canadian provinces.

In fact, several papers published in the last decade draw a direct connection between Quebec culture, robust social policies, and the happiness of its residents.

In 2012, Maclean's noted that, though Quebec's insistence on its special status and enforcement of laws to protect the French language may be annoying to other Canadians, these measures have also fostered a strong sense of community.

It is unclear, however, how recent political developments may affect happiness in Quebec. The passage of Bill 21, which forbids many public employees from wearing religious symbols, has stoked enormous public discontent, especially in Montreal.

Review the full survey from the Globe And Mail And Gandalf Group here.

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