A new study by the Angus Reid Institute has been making the rounds on various news sites. It polled Canadians accross the nation to ask, among other things, which provinces people felt were close or friendly to their own province.

We reported early about how Quebec is hated by other provinces, but it has also become clear just how unequal that relationship is in some ways. The study shows, for example, that Quebec likes Ontario way more than Ontario likes Quebec.

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TL;DR According to a new poll, some provinces are deeply enamoured with each other, like most of the Maritimes, while other provinces, like Quebec and Ontario, have unequal views towards each other. And BC doesn't like anyone at all, except for maybe Alberta.

Quebec and Ontario are not the only ones with the "it's complicated" status. While some provinces are deeply enamoured with each other, like most of the Maritimes, other provinces have wildly different feelings towards each other. And some provinces, like BC, are lone wolfs, who don't like anyone at all.

While 44% of Quebecers feel friendly towards Ontarians, the relationship isn't mutual: only 12% of people from Ontario reciprocate the feeling. The situation is the same with New Brunswick: 41% of Quebecers having favourable feelings towards New Brunswick but only 13% of people from New Brunswick like Quebec.

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C'mon Quebec, we need to start respecting ourselves! We can't keep pining after provinces who will never love us back. Half of respondents think Quebec gets more than it gives when it comes to being a part of Canada.

Almost half of BC doesn't believe that it is close to any provinces. It stands, sulking, at the far end of Canada, because it's too cool for everyone else. Though it seems that Alberta may stand a chance with the lone wolf: 31% of BC feels that Alberta is friendly towards their province (compare this to the 6% who feel this way about Quebec).

If this were an 80s movie, Alberta would probably coax out BC's tragic backstory and they would fall in love. Alberta seems to be liked by a lot of provinces though, because one third of all respondents think that Alberta gives more to Canada than it gets. 

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The Maritimes are an all-around strange lovefest. 71% of Nova Scotians feel close to New Brunswick, and the love is mutual. Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia seem to mutually like each other too, with about half of each province liking the other. Whatever arrangement they've got going on over there, it seems to be working.

While some of these results are suprising, most of them seem to make some intuitive sense. 

Explore the full results of the poll here!


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