We can agree that Quebec is filled with strange events and breaking news. Often, we're used to hearing some pretty unusual things that have happened in our city. But sometimes we're completely blown away and left in total shock of what happened. The latter is the case for news that broke this week.

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TL;DR A Deux-Montagnes man has been arrested and charged for living with his mother's decomposing body since last summer. He will appeal in court again this week. More details below.

If you thought you'd already seen the craziest or most strange thing to happen in Montreal, or even in Quebec, think again. Yesterday a Deux-Montagnes man appeared in court in connection to a suspicious death.

The more details you're given, the more confused (and disgusted) you become. Deux-Montagnes police discovered a decomposing body in the basement apartment the man was residing in, soon after calling in Sûreté du Québec investigators for back-up.

Court documents revealed that the body was in fact the man's mother, and that it seems as though she had passed away over the summer of 2018.

The man is being accused of spending the next several months with the decomposing body, which just the thought of is unimaginable. 

Of course, there are dozens of unanswered questions passing through our minds right now. Why didn't he report her death? How did it go so unnoticed for so long if the body was decomposing?

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Was he involved in the cause of her death? Weren't we experiencing record-breaking heatwaves over the summer? The more you think about it, the worse the mental images become.

The man was arrested Tuesday night and will remain in custody until his next court date this week. Stay tuned for more updates on this blood-chilling news.



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