Early spring is an inspiring time of year. The sight of snow slowly melting away, the feeling of the warm air blowing  into town, and the smell of damp garbage marinating on the concrete -  by inspiring I also mean a little gross, but spring in Montreal is short-lived, before you know it the sun will be red hot and will clean up all of the mess winter left behind. 

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That said, March is the perfect time of year to enjoy an iconic Canadian activity that can really only be done in this part of the hemisphere. That is, going to a sugar shack! Traditionally, Cabane a Sucre fare is meat-heavy. Loads of ham, sausage, egg omelette, various fried pork treats to indulge. It isn't exactly the most veg-friendly dining experience.

Caban a Sucre Handfield in Saint-Marc-Sur-Richelieu has changed the name of the game. Providing a wide array of not only vegetarian options to their customers but also gluten-free and other common food allergens. 

If you're vegan or veg, this is a great way to enjoy a day at the sugar shack without having to compromise your food and sugar shack experience. 

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For more info, check out their official site here!

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